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Beauty of Morocco & 12 travel destinations that must be visited for the 12 months of the year

Morocco is located in the most northerly part of Africa less than 16 kilometers from Spain and Europe and enjoys an idyllic climate all year round. The daytime temperatures during the summer can sometimes reach more than 40 degrees and it is a very dry climate so nothing unpleasant. In winter, daytime temperatures rarely drop

Things to do when visiting Morocco

Creating a list of the top things to do in Morocco seems almost impossible. After all, Morocco, as a North African country, is a stunning destination for every person who is looking for holidays with endless adventures and opportunities. With its imperial cities, relaxation of the beaten track destinations, beautiful beaches and rewarding surf

Best time to visit Morocco

Morocco! A destination that you can’t miss … Best Time to visit Morocco Our world is full of fascinating places to visit, and one of these places is Morocco which is a country of contrasts from jamaa el fna square to the desert surrounding the Atlas Mountains. The diversity of majestic palaces, mouthwatering cuisine,

Morocco Attractions

Where thе dessert ѕwауѕ аwау the fееt оf the lаnd, whеrе соаѕtѕ romances, рlаinѕ bеѕidе thе hоrizоn, whеrе thе colossal minаrеtѕ арраrеntlу whiѕреr the tаlеѕ оf сulturе, tradition and hiѕtоrу in thе еаrѕ оf the ѕkу, where the sojourners аrе раmреrеd with thе moments of sheer bliѕѕ аnd whеrе аrtѕ and crafts mark thе

Marrakech Beauty and the city of Great Food

Aссоrding tо the Amеriсаn social hiѕtоriаn Dаniеl J. Bооrѕtin, thеrе is a finе distinction bеtwееn a mеrе tоuriѕt and a truе trаvеlеr. A mеrе tourist iѕ ѕоmеоnе passive; what hе dоеѕ iѕ simple "ѕight-ѕееing". Hе expects intеrеѕting things to hарреn whеn gоing tо diffеrеnt рlасеѕ. However, Bооrѕtin dеѕсribеd a trаvеlеr as someone active; an

Top moroccan events in summer

Summer is here again and plans are on top gear all around the world for a memorable summer. Planning to visit Morocco?  Great choice! Morocco is a beautiful African country with so much to offer – beaches, sand dunes, desert, cuisine, music and so much more –your holiday activities including Morocco tours will be amazing! Moreover, summer is a time for many beautiful and mind-blowing festivals and events that

Moroccan Arabic: Darija

Here at Moroccanguides Travel, your private guide will speak your native tongue and take care of most (if not all) of the translating you need and/or require throughout your time here. However, brushing up on a few key words and phrases before traveling doesn’t take a lot of advance preparation and the rewards are well worth any level of effort! Let's start our small class of Darija or Moroccan Arabic!

June 16th, 2017|Cultural Life, Culture, Customs|

A Visit to Tafraoute

Far from Morocco's well-known cities, famous desert and cherished Atlas Mountains, there is a town that most people tend to forget on their visit to Morocco: Tafraoute. Deep into the heart of the Anti Atlas Mountains, only reachable through windy pistes from Agadir or remote tracks from the deep south, Tafraoute is a hidden gem that will leave you yearn for it long after you have left the place. A cluster of low pink homes and small minarets, Tafraoute is situated in the beautiful Ammeln Valley, which hides some jaw-dropping palm oases and friendly Berber hamlets. Read here all about what to do, see and where to sleep and eat in Tafraoute.

May 1st, 2017|Anti Atlas, Cultural Life, Culture, Customs, Guides, Tafraoute|

Marrakech Museums: A Top Five

Marrakech is famous for its exotic souks and historic palaces. But its real treasures are hidden in a few of the most interesting museums that Marrakech can call her own. Whether you are a true lover of art, or would love to learn more of Morocco's rich cultural and historical life, these five museums are your go-to places!

March 1st, 2017|Cultural Life, Culture, Day Tours, Marrakech, Museums, Uncategorized|

The Gnawa And Their Music

If you come to Morocco or Africa in general, it is likely that you have seen a Gnawa musician. Whether in the square of Marrakech or in the coastal town of Essaouira where the biggest Gnawa festival takes place every year, Gnawa musicians perform their music with a hypnotizing rhythm that will make it hard

July 11th, 2016|Culture, Essaouira, Gnawa music|
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