Private Guided Tours & Day Excursions in Morocco

About Moroccanguides Travel

We are a team of certified Moroccan guides, organizing private tailor-made tours in Morocco and day trips from Marrakech for groups, couples, and families. We are passionate about sharing the richness of Morocco with travelers from around the world, and our unique philosophy will carry you off the beaten path to truly experience Morocco’s peoples and cultures. Choose one of our carefully balanced tour itineraries or contact us via email or telephone to create your own unique adventure. 

We have years of experience in creating itineraries fitted to the individual preferences of our travelers: from seekers of adventure and local life, to those of luxury and exclusive vacations. We will arrange your ideal holiday in Morocco with fully certified private guides and drivers, specially chosen activities, and beautiful local accommodations. Book with us for a comfortable, stress-free holiday discovering the splendor and delight of Morocco!