Beauty of Morocco 12 travel destinations that must be visited for the 12 months of the year scaled

Beauty of Morocco & 12 travel destinations that must be visited for the 12 months of the year

Beauty of Morocco & 12 travel destinations that must be visited for the 12 months of the year

Beauty of Morocco 12 travel destinations that must be visited for the 12 months of the year scaled

Morocco is located in the most northerly part of Africa less than 16 kilometers from Spain and Europe and enjoys an idyllic climate all year round. The daytime temperatures during the summer can sometimes reach more than 40 degrees and it is a very dry climate so nothing unpleasant. In winter, daytime temperatures rarely drop below 20 degrees. The nights in general are lenient and give us a good night’s sleep without air conditioning. There are few countries where  you have seasonal temperatures all year long.

A strategic location !

Its location on the northwest coast of Africa make you enjoying the benefits of the Mediterranean Sea to the north and Atlantic beaches to the west. To the north and east of the city of Tangier we discover the mountain range of Rif – true refuge for Berbers for 1,000 years. Just below the Rif Mountains is the ancient capital of Morocco – Fez. The Medina of Fez is a UNESCO World Heritage site, famous for tanning leather and its craftsmen more gifted than each other. Located further south, you arrive in the city of Meknes now famous for making wine (strangely Morocco, which is a Muslim country makes very good wine). Further south and on the Atlantic coast is the capital of Morocco – Rabat – which is the combination of a modern capital and a historic city. Further south on the Atlantic coast you arrive at the gates of the famous city of Casablanca – the most populated city in Morocco and one of the most economically important cities in Africa.

Atlantic coast

On the Atlantic coast, you will find many charming cities like Essaouira, Oualidia, El Jadida and their fantastic beaches that are worth a visit. Further south and inland you arrive in Marrakech – the largest tourist destination in Morocco (Morocco received 14 million tourists in 2014). The 5-star hotels are next to beautiful villas or riads in the medina. The High Atlas Mountains are only 32 km south of the city offering fabulous walks or camel rides and even winter skiing. Marrakech has recently become a major destination for golfers with more than 15 golf courses. Going towards the Atlas you head for the desert – a trip to the desert is usually via Ouarzazate, Zagora or Merzouga. Agadir is on the southern coast of the Atlas Mountains. The climate is mild as in the rest of Morocco but unlike Marrakech, it is less hot in summer, and warmer in winter – unfortunately an earthquake in 1960 destroyed the city and the reconstructions have not always been good taste. It is now the largest seaside resort in Morocco.

Low cost flights.

Low cost flights in the 1990s have largely contributed to the increase in the number of tourists wanting to travel to Morocco. Tourists come from all over the world, but the French and British are the most present. People of all ages come – to either relax and enjoy a steam room or a spa, to go for a walk in the mountains, to play golf or to hunt in the picturesque medinas and taste the flavors of Africa.

There are beautiful villas to buy or rent from the north to the south of Morocco, but it is in Marrakech that we find the most exceptional villas with very large gardens, swimming pools and staff to take care of all your needs. These villas are easily accessible by car and close to the city center where you can have lunch at La Mamounia or stroll through the souks to discover the famous babouches, Kaftans, djellabas, carpets and a multitude of other things that will delight your friends and family. We can also get away in the morning on the coast or in the mountains and come back the same evening.

For further

The most beautiful cities of Morocco seems to be the royal cities but this opinion remains subjective because each of them has an undeniable charm.


Fes is an exceptionally specific city in connection to its history, its landmarks, its university and its tanneries. When visiting Morocco, do not miss visiting this beautiful royal city. When you get near the tanneries, some merchants offer mint and it is better to take it. Indeed, the smell is so pestilential because of the skins of animals that it is better to make a ball of this fresh mint and put it in the nose. Thus, one can come and go without being too much inconvenienced. It is also the oldest medina of the Arab world in the Maghreb. 


Meknes is additionally a standout amongst the loveliest supreme imperial cities of Morocco. Its fortifications are extraordinary. It has an amazing number of royal residences, wellsprings, gardens, mosques, and so on. Fashioned by the contemporary Moulay Ismail sultan of Louis XIV, this city is a splendor of Maghreb architecture.

Marrakech and Rabat

are also among the most delightful cities in Morocco. Everyone knows Marrakech and its place Jemma el Fna but the city also houses Saadian tombs of princes and princesses who lived in the great time of the country. The ramparts of the medina are 14 km long. Rabat is also worth seeing. Although this city is more modern than other imperial cities, its center is full of priceless treasures. Rabat is world famous for being the capital of Morocco but even more for its famous Hassan II Tower.

The most beautiful cultural cities

Marrakech is of course at the top of this ranking of the most beautiful Moroccan cities culture category: The best connected to Europe, if it is the one that will offer you visits to beautiful palaces, it is also the one that will adapt best your budget in terms of supply and demand. Opting for Marrakech is to be sure to visit every corner and for a reasonable budget. Meknes is in second place in this ranking with an imperial past and many vestiges to contemplate. The Mausoleum of the Sultant is also worth the detour with a courtyard and very pretty gardens. Lovers of history and old stones will be delighted! Fez is the 3rd destination popular with travelers eager for Moroccan culture because this city is often equated with the cultural capital of the country. You will discover a fortified medina with a medieval architecture quite singular. Even local schools have many sculptures and decorations. Nicknamed the Mecca of the West, it is also considered the gastronomic capital of the country where you can enjoy many local and traditional specialties.

discover 12 travel destinations in Morocco that must be visited for the 12 months of the year.

From Taghazout to Sidi Mghyat via Legzira Akchour or Tafraoute, here is a selection of 12 Moroccan destinations to visit over the seasons, based on a Huffington Post Morocco ranking.

January – Dakhla

With water at 25 ° C throughout the year, Dakhla is a must-see destination for surfers and water sports enthusiasts.

This preserved spot of southern Morocco, located between sea and desert, offers ideal conditions for anglers, divers and sportsmen and promises a total change of scenery to aficionados of the beauty of the Sahara.

February – Tafraoute – Ifoulki city

Ifoulki is a town situated among mountains and rocks at 1200 meters above ocean level, it is the perfect place for serenity and meditation.

Encompassed by mountains with changing hues and a mineral scene that resembles the American ravine, Ifoulki has everything to satisfy you, it is a standout amongst other destinations to visit in Morocco amid the period of February.

Mars – Ait Bouguemez

Ait Bouguemez is a valley located in the central High Atlas 4 hours drive from the west of Marrakech, it is a valley dominated by several peaks and surrounded by 27 small douars.

The ancestral architecture of the 27 douars in the valley of Ait Bouguemez will leave you speechless, the ideal time to go there is the month of March, the temperature is pleasant and the landscapes are green.

April – Bin El Ouidane

Bin El Ouidane or literally “Between Rivers” is a lake located in the province of Azilal, which reaches over 3000 hectares of crystalline waters in the heart of the mountains.

Bin El Ouidane is a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts (boat, Jet Ski or snow sports), hikers, nature lovers and supporters of calm.

The ideal time to go is the month of April.

May – Akchour

Akchour is a characteristic valley amidst the Rif Mountains, it is a visitor goal second to none where nature is amazingly wonderful.

The perfectly clear water amidst the greenery, the cascades, mountains and scenes of this valley will make you dream.

It is better to visit Akchour in May, before the warmth comes back to its rights.

June – Cape Three Forks

Cape Three Forks is a vast mountainous promontory located 25 kilometers north of the city of Nador.

The few caves dug by the sea, the white sand and the crystal clear water of this ecological site will make the pleasure of the amateurs of the diving and idleness.

It is advisable to visit Cape Three Forks in June, as it is the ideal season to fully enjoy the beauty of this place.

July – Legzira

The atypical beaches of Legzira have been ranked among the best in the world, this little lost paradise located 150 kilometers from Agadir is breathtakingly beautiful.

The climate, the landscapes, the gastronomy and the paradisiac beaches, make Legzira, one of the best summer destinations in Morocco.

If you’ve never been there, this is the moment, because the natural settings of this little paradise on earth will seduce you and leave you speechless.

August – Sidi Mghayt

Sidi Mghayt is a wild beach located in Assilah, very popular with locals European tourists and especially Spanish.

This paradise beach is the ideal place for romantic walks, its wild side promises a change of scenery.

The ideal month to go is August, the temperature is perfect for swimming.

September – Imessouane

The best destination to visit in Morocco during the month of September is Imessouane, a favorite spot for surfing, located on the Atlantic coast, between ocean and desert and 70 kilometers north of Agadir.

It is a place of pilgrimage for athletes and amateurs of virgin space, Imessouane is still preserved from speculation.

The splendid view from the famous cliff will seduce you and make you enjoy the moment.

October – Taghazout

If you want to have a good time during the month of October, pack your bags and go to Taghazout, direction the Valley of Paradise.

This enchanting place where water flows all the time and the greenery is permanent, will surprise you by its beauty, its landscapes and its calm.

November – Merzouga

The scenery, the desert, the nature, sand dunes, camels … To live this postcard, Merzouga direction, where the sunset will make you dream with its magical colors, and the hot sand therapy will do only good.

December – Ifrane

Ifrane is the best destination to visit during the winter, nicknamed the little Switzerland, this city has several natural assets that will do you the greatest good.

It is the ideal place to relax, meditate and forget the time of a few hours the stress of everyday life.

What there is to know

Formalities: The passport is obligatory to go to Morocco. If you are traveling with your children or traveling alone, additional documents may be required.

Climate: Spring and autumn are the best times to visit Morocco! We were there in late May, few tourists, heat imposing but largely bearable!

Health: No particular risks, Morocco is not a country with an unhealthy climate. Nevertheless, in many places there is poor hygiene and lack of water. So beware of waterborne diseases and poorly washed or undercooked foods


Morocco will remain a wonderful memory, you will discover in the following articles very beautiful meetings, like the one with Amar, in the dunes of Merzouga … The look of the men can sometimes be very heavy for the women, but one makes oneself there. Moroccans are really warm, do not hesitate to exchange with them, take interest in their customs, talk to them with the little Arabic words you know, they love and laugh a lot of our beautiful accent!


Sunscreen (the Moroccan sun beats heavily!) In addition, clothing adapted to the region where you go (mountain / sea) but especially clothing respecting the traditions of the country. In places not very touristy, it is better to cover very often the whole body (except the face), plan loose pants, long skirts, small light blouses. Feel free to take a small vest or fleece for the evenings, the nights are quite cool, especially in the desert!

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