Best time to visit Morocco

Best time to visit Morocco

Best time to visit Morocco

Best time to visit Morocco

Morocco! A destination that you can’t miss …

Best Time to visit Morocco

Our world is full of fascinating places to visit, and one of these places is Morocco which is a country of contrasts from jamaa el fna square to the desert surrounding the Atlas Mountains. The diversity of majestic palaces, mouthwatering cuisine, stunning landscapes and interesting museums seduce everyone looking for a vacation experience that encompasses culture history and specially adventure with its beautiful scenery, hospitable people and quality and simplicity of life that is rare nowadays.

There are so many reasons that make Morocco one of a kind travel experiences.

Due to its geographical location, the Moroccan weather follows almost the same seasonal pattern as other Northern Hemisphere countries. For the majority of visitors the weather has a large impact in determining the best traveling time. In this respect we can affirm that there is no bad time to visit Morocco, its only related to the purpose of the trip, if your aim for example is to enjoy the water sports to get a tan to relax on the golden sands of Moroccan beaches then the optimum time is the peak seasons from June to august.

Winter time .

Winter in Morocco is perfect for trekking in Sahara and skiing in the high atlas Mountains as well as Oukaimden, from November to February the daytime temperature is mild although the evenings can get very cold, the north of Morocco is usually wet and cloudy and the atlas mountains can be exceptionally cold. The winter sun is very frequent it warms the days of many places as Marrakech which open its doors for a magical winter stay, but one of the most beautiful places in Morocco to visit during winter is certainly Ifrane.

Summer time .

During summer months, the heat is fierce in the Sahara desert and the cities along the Atlantic coast are pleasantly hot. However Beaches are at their best in summer with the blazing sun. Tourist Traffic is high in Summer and costal cities get quite crowded due to the wonderful Music and art festivals during this period such as Gnawa festival in essaouira or Mawazin in rabat…

Finaly, the mild temperatures and the moderate prices make april to may and september to november the best time to visit Morocco it allows you to see Moroccans going about their daily life more authentically. Furthermore, the desert also is perfect for visitinig during those months even if it gets very cold at night. The sun and the cooler climat in this period give you the chance to explore and discover the beauty of imperial cities of Morocco such as Marrakech and Fez  and to enjoy their colorful sights and sounds.

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