Enjoy Your Day tours from casablanca !

A few kilometers from Europe, bordered by the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, dominated by the Atlas and overtaken by the desert, Morocco is a land with contrasting landscapes and reliefs. It is also a soul, that of a warm people who makes a point of honor to welcome his host. It is finally a total change of scenery in the souks and streets of the prestigious imperial cities which are animated around the medina, as the heat becomes less heavy.

Casablanca “the city that never sleeps”

in Morocco, Casablanca, if it is not the capital, is in a certain degree the metropolis of the country: the most economically dynamic,the most populated. This city is the epicenter of Moroccan Commerce and Finance. ” Casa ” holds a special place in this kingdom. It is also possible to get away from modern Casablanca by walking through the medina, the historical center of the city. Economic and financial capital of the Maghreb, Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco with 4,000,000 inhabitants. It is also the first port in the country and has a university center. Its growth and urbanization has not stopped since the 19th century. Day tours from casablancaNowadays, it is a big city, which also means noise, pollution, in short, not always what one seeks on vacation! It is not surprising that the length of stay of visitors to Casablanca is short, although the city still deserves attention: the mosque Hassan II is the symbolic monument of Casablanca: built on the edge of the sea, this modern building has a minaret 200 meters high, to form the third largest mosque in the world! In the Place Mohammed V, the tourists rush to the architecture inherited from the colonial period.

The various tourist activities in Casablanca

Morocco’s most popular destination, Casablanca offers a wide range of activities for tourists. His many activities are both fun and entertaining. Muslim culture is present in the country, but the modernism of the West has given it a multicultural dimension. Streets and alleys overlooking the city offer a cultural and architectural spectacle for tourists. Visiting Casablanca at night is a must. The streets are lively at night with typically Maghreb festivities. In addition, the nightclubs are also impressive with trendy atmospheres to satisfy both tourists and locals. During your stopover in Casablanca, make the most of your stay in the city with this private shore excursion. Take the scenic coastal road Ain Diab to the Hassan II Mosque, a masterpiece of modern Moroccan architecture and one of the largest mosques in the world. During your one-hour visit, Take the chance of your day tours from Casablanca and have a glimpse of the role played by this mosque in Moroccan culture and admire its spectacular interior. Enjoy free time to explore the Moorish buildings of the Habous district.